Vision & Values

Welcome to Samuels Elementary!


At Samuels Elementary, we inspire each child to pursue limitless opportunities that will launch him, her, or them to make a once unimaginable impact on our world. 


At Samuels Elementary we practice the value of friendship. We create and build a community of kindness and respect. We celebrate our diversity. We practice the value of being learners. We come to school ready and excited to learn. We persevere to achieve our goals. We have Fun! We practice the value of owning it. We care about who we are and how we behave. Even when no one is watching!

At Samuels, we FLY like eagles!

F – Be a friend

L Be a learner

Y – You own it

At Samuels, we celebrate our FLY values with daily announcements from our classrooms that recap our FLY value of the week. One student from the classroom is highlighted for living our values on a daily basis. We also recognize birthdays of staff and students throughout the year!

Throughout the day, as students display our FLY values, they receive FLY tickets. On Friday, one student from each class’s name is drawn and the student selected chooses a prize.

Weekly, classrooms choose an Eagle of the Week and celebrate them with a t-shirt and highlight them in the main hallway. Eagles of the Week display the FLY value of the week in their classrooms and throughout the building and day.