School Choice Application

Samuels Elementary School is a full participant in the Denver Public Schools Choice System. For more information about SchoolChoice, please visit

SchoolChoice is for any student who wants or needs to attend a new school for the following year, particularly “transitioning” students. All incoming preschool students, and incoming kindergarten students who reside in an enrollment zone, must complete an application. If your student is in kindergarten through 11th grade and is staying at his or her current school for the following school year, you do not have to fill out a SchoolChoice application*. Here is how SchoolChoice works:

  1. First, research DPS schools by reviewing the Great Schools Enrollment Guide, using School Finder, attending one or more of DPS’ School Expos and visiting schools of interest.
  2. Prioritize your student’s top preferences and rank them on the SchoolChoice application. We recommend listing multiple preferences, up to a limit of 12 schools. It’s important to rank the schools in the order of your preference.
  3. Submit your SchoolChoice application online
  4. SchoolChoice combines your student’s top preferences with each school’s admissions priorities and available space. All students are randomly assigned a lottery number that will determine at which school they are awarded a seat. Students will be awarded a seat at their highest-preference school with an available seat. You will be notified in late March. Rank the schools in the order of your preference.

*In rare cases, a student who wishes to stay at his or her current school will be asked to submit a SchoolChoice application. Families will be notified by DPS before Round 1 if this is the case.

What is an enrollment zone?

Within DPS, an enrollment zone is a geographic area where the students living within it are guaranteed a seat at one of several schools, not just one particular school. There are many benefits to a shared-access zone, including: increased access to high-performing schools; increased access to transportation options; priority over students who don’t live in that area; and access to different types of school programs. Click here for more information.

How do I Submit the School choice application?

This year, we are asking all families to submit their School Choice application online. To access the application, visit To create an account, all you need is an email address or current Parent Portal sign-in.

Many resources are available to help you transition to the new online application, including the School choice hotline (720.423.3493); access to computer labs and technology support at your child’s school; one-on-one support from School Choice staff at community events, school and enrollment centers; and information at


First Round SchoolChoice

DPS believes all students should have the same access to quality schools, regardless of their background or where they live in Denver. That’s what SchoolChoice is all about.

Any DPS student who wants to attend a school other than their automatically assigned neighborhood school can take part in SchoolChoice.

Families submit one SchoolChoice form per student, on which they rank their students’ top five school preferences. DPS then matches students to schools based on those preferences, as well as school admission priorities and available space.

Here’s how it works:

New Tool

DPS is introducing an online, mobile-friendly tool which families will use to submit their SchoolChoice application. This new tool can be easily accessed from cell phone, tablet or computer. Because of this change to an online application process, lots of resources will be available for families, including: the SchoolChoice telephone hotline (720-423-3493); access to computer labs and technology support at their child’s school; one-on-one support from SchoolChoice staff; online information to help families use the new School Finder and SchoolChoice application tool; community events; and more!

Guaranteed Seats

All kindergarten through 12th-grade students are guaranteed a spot at their neighborhood boundary school. Students living within an enrollment zone are guaranteed a seat at one of the schools within the zone, not just at one particular school. To learn if you live in an enrollment zone, enter your address at School Finder.

Other Choice improvements:

There have been other exciting improvements to DPS’ SchoolChoice process, including the new School Finder search tool, the shift of the Choice window to February, and the introduction of a user-friendly online Choice application system. Here’s a rundown of important news: